Dishwashers have become a common household appliance these days due to the fact that modern people can’t find the time to fit cleaning the dishes in their anyway chaotic schedules, and because of how much these appliances have advanced and how low their prices got, it would be a shame to waste time cleaning the dishes yourself when the dishwasher could do it for you. If you want to buy a dishwasher to have a complete set of kitchen appliances, and you want to make sure that you are buying a good model, read the following lines to find out what makes a quality dishwasher.

Cleaning options and features

A quality dishwasher must have a lot of wash cycles, features, and options for you to choose from, covering all your possible needs. One of the most important features that you must look for if you want to buy a quality dishwasher is the soil sensor, because it can adjust the cycle’s time and water to the level of soil on your load to increase efficiency. Another option that you must look for to own a truly quality dishwasher is for it to have two wash zone options, allowing you to choose whether to wash only the top or bottom load if you don’t have many dishes for it to clean in the first place.

When it comes to options and features, the more the better, therefore even if you spend more money on a dishwasher that has over 7-8 wash cycles and over 10 options, you won’t regret it because it will give a wider range for you to use depending on the situation that you are confronted with.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is what everyone must look for in the household appliances that they buy, and a great way to establish if the unit you have set your eyes on is energy efficient or not is to check the label or to look for the Energy Star label. Any quality dishwasher will come with wash cycles and options that increase it’s efficiency when it comes to energy consumption, and the most important wash cycle that you must look for is the one that uses a power-dry option to deal with the dishes faster, and the upper mentioned two wash zone option to clean dishes when you have a smaller load that can easily fit in one of the racks. Another great energy efficient feature that you must look for to know that you are buying a quality dishwasher is the time delay feature, and by using it you ensure that the unit will start operating during off-peak hours to consume less energy than it normally would. In order to see which dishwashers have the most features for the best price, use the reviews posted on in order to compare all the units that interest you.

Load flexibility

Last but not least, load flexibility is important when it comes to a quality dishwasher, because it gives you options on how to deposit the dirty dishes and the capacity that it can handle. In addition, it makes the machine easier to use as well. For example, a dishwasher that can hold up more than 12 place settings with distinct tines makes it pretty obvious where each type of dish should go. Also, if you go for a model that has the option of adjusting the height of the rack and alter the tines, you can safely wash different shaped dishes at the same time with other dishes.