You want to live healthy, but you find yourself in a difficult situation, because you do not know which one of the aliments you have in your fridge contains the needed quantity of minerals and vitamins. Every aliment is rich in a certain mineral or vitamin, but in case you are dealing with a calcium deficiency, then you should focus on solving it. You can do this by including in your diet aliments rich in minerals, or you can ask your doctor to prescribe you some supplements. The majority of people are afraid of taking supplements because they consider the Algaecal side effects, but you should not have the misconception that if you take them you would have side effects. The persons who have dealt with these cases had not respected the instructions from the label of the supplements, or they might have combined them with aliments and drinks that are not recommended to be taken together.

Aliments you can include in your diet

There is a large list of aliments, you can include in your diet for increasing the quantity of calcium your body takes daily. You can start with adding fortified oatmeal, which contains 350 mg of calcium per package. Also, you should eat more often sardines with edible bones, canned in oil, because they contain 324 mg of minerals. In addition, if you like cheese you should opt for the Cheddar or cottage types and tofu with calcium. You can drink 1 cup of non-fat milk daily and even a cup of milkshake, because they would not cause you weight gain, if you are careful of the type you choose. Also, you should add to your diet soybeans, baked beans, canned salmon and broccoli. In case you do not worry about weight gain, you can even eat lasagne, spaghetti, and fortified waffles, because they are rich in calcium.

Add calcium supplements and Vitamin D to your diet

The fact is that you cannot include all of these aliments in your daily diet, and you would still experience calcium lacks at a certain point, so you should talk with your doctor to recommend you some supplements. It is essential to take Vitamin D with them, because it helps at the absorption of calcium, and you have to be sure that the supplements you are taking are effective. If you take calcium in small doses, it would be better absorbed, so do not be tricked by the prescriptions that state that you would get the maximum quantity with a single dose.