The concept of pressed metal is often associated with industrial, commercial use and although it’s true that this is its main application, there is more to pressed metal than meets the eye. Although this might not be apparent, this product can be used in your home as well, in large scale refurbishing projects or in smaller decoration ones. Local metal pressing companies can tell you more about the many ways in which you can incorporate metal into your home to achieve an industrial, yet polished look. Here are just some ideas for you to consider:

Pressed metal ceilings

Popular in Australian homes, pressed metal ceilings are now starting to become a trend again in the UK and Europe, especially among homeowners who are looking for a vintage, provincial style. Pressed metal plates are decorated with various ornaments and then they are placed along the wall or in certain areas where something needs to be concealed. For example, you can place them near the fireplace. Companies such as Regent Engineers use various processing and manufacturing techniques, so ask around to see if they can provide you with the tools for such a project. Using pressed metal instead of traditional tiles has been proven to offer many benefits and, in addition to the aesthetic one, there is also their durability. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to talk to a specialised contractor to install a pressed metal ceiling, because it involves a different technique.

Pressed metal decorations

Decorations are the fastest way of changing a home’s look and feel without spending a lot of money. And, when it comes to decorative power, few materials are more versatile than metal. Whether you want to add a modern, edgy, industrial look to your house or, on the contrary, you want it to have a vintage charm, metal is the right call. There are many types of decorations that can be made out of pressed metal and you can choose to keep the same metallic colour or texture or you can have them painted to match the rest of your furniture. Considering that you are decorating the kitchen, you can use objects such as decorative metal trays or decorative metal tiles. Most homeowners prefer metal decorations that have a smooth finish, but, if you’re going for the steampunk, industrial effect, then you can also opt for unfinished decorations.

Why metal is a good choice for kitchens

There are million and one ways in which you can decorate a kitchen and you are probably wondering why metal is better than the rest of them. Well, because apart from the aesthetic aspect, metal is also practical. Take the wall behind the cooker, for example. Usually, it’s the one that gets dirty the fastest, because of all the oil and cooking residue. Regular tiles are difficult to clean, but metal only requires a few wipes. Also, it’s much more heat resistant and you won’t see any colour fading.