A growing number of people refuse the traditional approach and sell their properties with online estate agencies specialised in quick sales. They are not wasting thousands of pounds when they sell their properties. This is due to the fact that online estate agents charge virtually no fees. High street agents typically charge 1.5% of the value you sell your home for, which is greedy. The services online estate agents offer are comparable to those offered by traditional property transaction agents. The main difference is that you can avoid real estate agency costs and commissions, not to mention that you can sell your home quickly. If you are struggling to sell a property, you should consider making a quick sale through an online estate agency.

The disadvantages of the high street approach

Unlike digital services, high street property transaction experts are expensive. They charge you a fee based on the value you sell the property for. The more valuable your home is, the more money you lose. What is more, traditional estate agents require you to pay upfront. They are not paid on completion. Should your home not sell, they do not offer a refund. This is a problem considering that the property is costing your insurance and council tax bills.

Are online estate agencies any good?

Online estate agencies account for 5% of property sales in the UK and for good reasons too. They offer to help you sell your property fast and help you save a chunk of cash. However, the merits of web-based estate agencies have been questioned recently. This is the reason why we have focused our attention on the matter. What you should know is that an online estate agency empowers you. You have the freedom to decline the offer. The property is valued for you, so they do not have to do everything. You do not have to pay a penny. What is more, you are provided constant advice and support from property experts. Do you still think that online estate agencies are not any good?

How online estate agencies work

What happens when you complete a quick home sale is that you bypass the hassle associated with selling a property. To be more precise, you can successfully complete the sale as close as possible to the value of the market. After you complete the online form with the necessary details, you will receive a cash quote. The firm has the money on-hand to close the deal, so you can proceed knowing that you are safe and protected. The money is paid from certifies funds, so there is no need to worry.

We strongly believe that there are many benefits to working with an online estate agency specialised in quick sales. You do not pay thousands of pounds and you do not have to wait until a high street agency opens its doors. If you are genuinely  interested in making a quick sale, choose property transaction agents that are reachable by the internet.