There’s nothing better than an hour of relaxing in a warm bath after a long day at work. But in most of the cases, the chances for our bathrooms to look amazing are quite small. But there are some solutions that are due to completely transform your bathroom into an at-home SPA. The fact that you already have a private space ready to offer you what those establishments are offering makes your bathroom the perfect location for such a project. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you in the process.

General tips for a SPA-turned bathroom

For an easy approach to a project like this, you could use earthy paint colors. Another great tip is to install light dimmers, to decrease the levels of light in your bathroom, while increasing the comfort and relaxation levels. Try to add some faux wood tiles and definitely consider installing a tub. Also, if you are interested in how much does a new bathroom cost, search for reputable teams and discuss the costs with the team manager. They might be lower than you expect which may come as a pleasant surprise.

The sight matters

When remodeling your bathroom to create a spa-like atmosphere, you should make sure that the first impression is a perfect one. As more and more spa centers seem to have a “less is more” approach on their interior design, you want to adapt and eliminate unnecessary visual elements from your bathroom. This clean and relaxing approach on a bathroom will certainly contribute to the relaxing spa feeling you want to recreate.

Dimming bathroom lights are mandatory

For both increased comfort but also a romantic vibe, interior designers advise installing some bathroom lights with dimming controls. This will allow you to adjust the light intensity as needed. When you need to apply makeup or need to pay attention to other processes, you can turn those up, while in your relaxation moments, you can certainly diminish the light level as you feel that is necessary. Such lights are present in real spas and this will help you recreate the same atmosphere in your own home.

Faux wood tiles will help you recreate a comfortable feeling

Wood flooring will certainly evoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation, but it’s never ideal in damp, humid spaces. However, you can easily replace it with faux wood tiles and enjoy the same visual effect, while you will be certain that the tiling won’t deteriorate in time. Ceramic and porcelain tiling will successfully replicate the wood-like texture, but it will offer more resilience in the given conditions.

These are some simple tips and tricks that you can use if you want to replicate the spa-like feeling in your home. Make sure to discuss your options with a reputable remodeling team and get informed on the costs as well. If you choose the remodeling team carefully, you will be able to save some money in the process.