Did you know that you can use your toaster oven for other things that toasting your bread? This small device is very useful for people who are living on a small budget and are looking for ways to reduce power consumption and save some money. Below we have listed the top 5 uses for a toaster oven and how it can help you save time when preparing a meal.

Warm plates

If you don’t dispose of a microwave oven or if it has suddenly stopped working and you don’t want to make a mess while trying to heat a bowl of spaghetti on the stove, you can use your toaster oven to quickly warm the plate before serving. Make sure to heat the plate for not more than 5 minutes, depending on the size of the dish.

Bake cookies

If you are craving something sweet you can always use your toaster oven to make small batches of cooking or cakes that you can serve right away or store in the fridge for later. You can make all sorts of tasty recipes, from brownies to muffins or rollcakes. As long as you set the timer right and don’t leave the cookies or cakes for too long, nothing can go wrong.

Roast meat

One of the best use of the toaster oven is roasting small sizes of meat such as chicken breasts, pork ribs or fish. You can find a lot of easy and tasty recipes online and the best about about using the toaster oven to roast meat is the fact that it will not dry your meat. Make sure to opt for a toaster oven that has a large capacity so that you can fit larger batches of meat.

Reheat your leftovers

When you are in a rush to get the kids for school or go to work and you don’t have time to make breakfast, you can use your toaster oven to reheat the chicken or mac and cheese that you’ve cooked last night. The food will not lose its flavor or dry out when it’s reheated. You can also make a quick breakfast using the toaster oven, such as baked potatoes, a muffin pizza or french toast.

Broil food

Most toaster ovens give you the option to broil a variety of foods and all within a short period of time. Another advantage of using the toaster oven to broil food is the fact that you use less energy. In addition to that you are having more control because you have the device within your reach at counter-height and you can see on the see-through window how slow or fast your food is broiling.