If you have a large family to feed or you sometimes need an extra stove for cooking another dish, the burner or the hot plate are exactly what you are looking for. However, some burners and hot plates yield better than others and you can find out which are the top best by looking into the following article.

Nesco DB 02 Electric Double Burner

This compact and easy to use burner is a top choice of customers because of the quality ceramic burners that offer excellent heat. The two burners create 900 watts of power each and come with separate temperature control so you can cook different dishes simultaneously and you can only use one burner. It includes a thermal fuse that shuts it down in case it gets too hot and a thermostat control with pilot light. And at only $46, this burner is a real deal.

Aroma AID 506 Induction Hot Plate

Not only this hot plate is extremely elegant and attractive, but it also offers great cooking performance. It gets hot quickly and it offers 70% more heat that the regular cooking stove while staying safe to use due to the lack of direct flames. You have to use induction-safe cookware in order for the hot plate to work and a great thing about it is it automatically shuts down when the cookware is removed. There is also a programmable timer that allows you to set the plate to work for up to 180 minutes. This hot plate will only cost you $70.

Ovente Portable Single Burner

For a small kitchen with little storage space. This compact single burner is the perfect addition that will offer great heating performance. You can cook anything on the 1000 watts cast iron burner that is very durable and heats up quickly. For added safety, the burner comes with a thermostat and an On/Off switch button so you can turn it off after use. The best part about this burner is the low price of only $23.

Black&Decker BND 2942 Buffet Range Double Burner

Another great option at a reasonable price of only $22 is this double burner from Black&Decker that offers two burner coils that distribute heat evenly and can be controlled separately. It’s very lightweight so you can easily move it around and it comes with indicator lights for both burners.

BroilKing Professional Electric Hi-Power Hot Plate

This hot plate is more expensive than the others, at $130, but it’s worth every penny. The 1,500 watts of power it provides ensure the best cooking experience and the integrated thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature with the spin of a knob. Both the coil and the housing are made of strong quality materials that ensure ease in cleaning and durability.