Having a dog means having the perfect family member. Your little one does not complain, gets excited every time you come home and keeps you company no matter what. But you soon realize that you have to spend a lot of time in cleaning the floor that is covered in hair. Depending on the breed of your dog, you may have to do this every day, all the year round, because some dogs shed throughout the year. And as much as you adore him, having pet hair stuck to your bed lining, clothes, furnishing and floor is a bit of pain. Luckily, nowadays you have the possibility to choose one of the many vacuum cleaners available on the market. In case you do not know what model is the right one for your needs, you should check power moves opinion.

Choose the type of vacuum

Buying a pet-friendly vacuum can be difficult, because there are so many models on the market, you cannot decide upon one. If you want to make sure that you will have no issues, you should invest in a robot vacuum because they are known as being effective in cleaning the house from pet hair. Also, you will find on the market upright, cordless or cylinder vacuums. Depending on the size of your house, if it features staircases, and how often you want to clean, you will have to decide upon the type. In case you choose a robot one, you will not have to worry that it will fall down the stairs, because it features sensors that notice it when it is close to stairs, and it changes its direction.

Your budget is important

If you have a dog, you cannot buy a cheap vacuum, because it would not make any difference, and you will have to clean the house by yourself. Sure, it will be great the first times you will use it, but you will notice that in time, it will clog, and it will prove useless. Therefore, you should look for one with good reviews, and which is listed at an affordable price. You can wait the discount period, because you will definitely find some amazing offers. You do not have to buy a top-of-the-line vacuum, you can opt for a robot one, which will effectively clean the hair from your house, and it does not cost your entire salary. There are many models available, so you will definitely find one that fits your budget, you only have to think what other features you want it to have, alongside with being pet-friendly.

What type of dog you have

As stated before some types of dogs shed more than others, and some of them even have longer hair. Also, some of them are considered allergenic, and in this case you will have to purchase a vacuum that helps you prevent allergies. In case you have not purchased a dog yet, and you want to know what breeds shade more, then you should not have a Beagle, Pug, Chow-Chow, Rottweiler, Border Collie, Alaska Husky, Golden Retriever or Chihuahua.