Buying a quality appliance is an impossible task if you don’t inform yourself on everything related to the type of product you are interested in, so a survey of the top picks will come in handy when trying to find the best unit at the best price. Doing quality research will increase your chances of finding the most reliable coffee maker so, it’s better to also read the following lines to get some useful tips on how you can choose one before heading to the store.

Know all the coffee maker types before buying one

The three basic types of coffee makers are bean-to-cup coffee makers, capsule coffee makers, and ground coffee makers.
Bean-to-cup coffee makers grind the coffee beans on demand with the help of their inbuilt grinder, and they produce the freshest coffee among the three types of machines. They might be up there in price, usually costing over $1000, but they are a lot easier to use and they provide with the best quality coffee.
Capsule coffee makers are very convenient to use and clean, and they provide with quick coffee without making a mess. They are the best choice for those who don’t use their coffee maker a lot due to the fact that the capsules needed to produce the coffee are limited in variety and cost a lot more than ground coffee and coffee beans.
Ground coffee makers are cheaper than the other two types, they offer a wider variety of ground coffee for you to choose from, they are more flexible in use, and they aren’t bounded to a particular brand of coffee like the capsule coffee makers, giving you more control over the coffee you are brewing.

Choose the right capacity

For those who have guests over often or who have many members in their households, and for those who don’t want to waste their time refilling the water tank constantly it’s important for the coffee maker’s water tank capacity to be big enough for them to be able to brew a lot of coffees in succession.
If you want to make your mornings easier, go with a coffee maker that is able to make two coffees at once, but go for a higher priced model, because cheaper machines tend to fill the cups unevenly, only the higher priced models producing equal cups of coffee.

Pay attention to the portafilter

The portafilter is the part of the coffee maker that holds the filter containing the coffee, and it has a handle for you to get a good grip on it.
You should buy a high-end model to avoid being stuck with a portafilter that has a tricky mechanism that easily stiffs if you want to start your morning in a pleasant way, instead of having to wrestle with the machine in the early hours of the day.