Attending cooking classes is definitely a great opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their cooking skills and learn some new and interesting techniques. Whether it is about Indian food, Italian, Mexican, Greek or Chinese food, it is for sure that these classes will help you become a better cooker. The number of cooking schools has significantly increased in the past years, so selecting the right one might take some time. If you are interested in Dim Sum classes for instance, websites such as might be a good starting point for your research. You should know that there are three different styles of cooking classes so here is some useful information you should definitely take into account.

Demonstration classes

It is for sure that each style of class provides unique experiences and that there are pros and cons that come with each class style. In the case of demonstration classes, the instructor stands up in front of the class. Then, he or she begins cooking a specific dish and provides the participants thorough breakdown and detailed instructions of every move he or she makes. One great advantage of resorting to demonstration classes is the fact that you stay focused on the dish the instructor is preparing and you are able to see every move they are making. However, if you are not the type of person who learns just from watching the instructor during these demo classes, without any practice, you should not opt for this type of cooking classes.

Hands-on classes

The main difference between demo classes and hands-on is the fact that the participants also have the chance to put to practice what the instructor shows them during the courses. Attending such cooking courses is definitely a great advantage to those who need step-by-step guidance and practice at the same time. Hands-on classes are also a great choice because you have the chance to ask numerous questions in real time and the instructor can actually show you what you should do in order to prepare that perfect dish. However, some people claim that this style of courses might be quite confusing sometimes. The reason is that you might miss an instruction or even get lost in the task and miss more than half of the broader lessons of the course.


One great choice to make in case you are interested in improving your cooking skills is to enrol in workshops. This style of cooking course combines the previously two styles mentioned above, the demonstration classes and the hands-on classes, thus giving the participants the opportunity to get the most from their cooking courses and to benefit from unique experiences. However, it is worth mentioning that cooking workshops tend to last longer than the other two course styles. Sometimes, they might last an entire day, but sometimes they might last even a week, not to mention that they can be quite expensive.

Overall, these are the three different styles of cooking courses you can choose from. It is recommended to opt for the one that best matches your needs, interest and budget.