In the past years, the amount of natural resources used in different industries has significantly increased and it has seriously affected the planet. It is highly important to recycle as much as possible in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Whether it is about plastic, metal or any other recycling materials, people have to understand that this is the only way to preserve the environment. If you have some scrap metal around the house, look for a company that provides metal recycling services. There are numerous such companies and Tal Metal is only one good example. On the other hand, if you are a creative type of person, here are some great ideas to repurpose metal objects and turn them into amazing pieces of furniture for your own kitchen.

Chairs and dinner table

If you are bored of the pieces of furniture in your kitchen and want to replace them, but you do not have enough money to buy new furniture, you should consider this low-budget and innovative solution – things made out of scrap metal. Believe it or not, it is actually possible to create amazing works of art out of scrap brass, copper, aluminium or any other type of metal. All you need in this case is some imagination. One amazing idea is to replace your old chairs and dinner table with some new ones made out of metal objects. For the chairs, you can use some washing machine drums for instance, or some oil drums. As far as the dinner table is concerned, you can make one out of that old and rusted Singer sewing machine you have long forgotten in the attic. Bring the rustic style in your kitchen and let anyone be amazed by your unique pieces of furniture.

Kitchen faucet

If you want to have a new, yet unique kitchen faucet, you should engage in a DIY project and make one from some garden taps. It is for sure that you have some around the house. If you were about to throw them away, think again, because you can get an amazing faucet out of them. You can search for some tutorials on the internet in order to get a clearer idea how to do this.

Grill for the outdoor kitchen

If you live in a house and you also have an outdoor kitchen or want to set up one, it is mandatory to have a grill. Some people took it to a whole different level and created a grill from an old and non-functional small Volkswagen car. This grill will definitely be a conversation starter. Have some quality time with your friends and family next to an amazing grill.


Another element that you can replace in your kitchen is the lighting source. You can bring a unique touch to your kitchen by designing an interesting light fixture out of scrap copper and brass. There are numerous designs and shapes that you can opt for this project, so let your imagination run wild and engage on a DIY project right away.