If you drink regularly fresh juices you will visibly improve your health in many ways. Furthermore, you will feel better and more energetic. Therefore, you need a good juicer that will help you to easily obtain the desired drink. If you don’t know how to choose a good device, here is the ultimate juicer buying guide.

Choose the right type for you

There are on the market two types of such devices, centrifugal and cold press juicers. The centrifugal ones are quite affordable, and the most popular ones. They are very easy to use, and you will obtain the desired drink in a short time. There are some disadvantages as well, such as the fact that they make lots of noise, and they also produce a juice with a reduced quality due to their spinning blades that produce heat which destroys the beneficial enzymes. On the other hand, cold press units are quite expensive, but they make fantastic drinks which last longer with enzyme integrity keeping for 70 hours, which is amazing. Some of these models offer other food processing functions as well. They are able to prepare nut butter, pasta, and even ice cream. Moreover, the operation is very silent which means that you and your family will not be disturbed by the noise. The only drawbacks are the price and the fact that it will take you longer to obtain the desired juice. However, a good understanding of these two models is essential, in order to choose the right product for you.

Self-cleaning system

You definitely must get a device that comes with a self-cleaning system. This actually means that the juicing screen will be kept clear at all times, with the prevention of pulp build up while the machine is being used. There are also devices that come with brushes as well, which actually clean the screen while the unit is operating. With a feature like this, the only thing that you need to do is to rinse the device with clean water for an entire removing of the pulp from the screen. Therefore, have this important detail in mind when you shop for a new juicer.

Go for Hurom juicers

Hurom juicers are the most recommended units that are available on the market nowadays. Lots of consumers highly recommend them due to the fact that can prepare a variety of healthy juices without friction or heat, which actually means that all the nutrients will be kept. Furthermore, they are child-friendly, very quiet, and easy to clean.