Do you want to change the look of your kitchen entirely but you don’t know what style you should adopt? Then you might find your answer here. The contemporary kitchen design is the one that attracts the eyes of most people. Contemporary and modern styles represent the focal point of interior design at the moment, so there is no wonder why everyone is trying to achieve the look.

The amazing combination between good looks and efficiency is present in the contemporary design better than ever. Applying this style to a kitchen gets the best out of that space, making it both pleasing and easy to use. From color palettes to the furniture that fits this style best, this article will present all the characteristics of a contemporary kitchen. You should view website to learn more about this topic.

Form and functionality

A kitchen that respects the contemporary design is focused on form. Of course, you should combine the functionality of the room with its looks, as in the contemporary style they have equal priority. The form is the focal point of the modern design, but in contemporary it has to match the importance of functionality. Aesthetics in the contemporary design are focused on shapes. The furniture you use for your kitchen has to contain both curved and straight lines that complement each other. The roots of this style are represented by Art Deco, so you can get inspired from kitchens that were furnished following these rules.


When it comes to residential painting, choosing the appropriate color palette is a must. The contemporary style sticks to neutrals of all kinds. In order to respect the design principles that apply to this style, you should focus on nuances of grey, black, white or beige. Of course, accent shades as bold colors are allowed into the scheme, but keep in mind that you should use them sparingly. In kitchens, mixing neuters only and adding a splash of color through decorative items or furniture is the recommended choice. The contemporary style doesn’t involve using patterns or textures, but you can use some items that belong to other design styles to transform the kitchen in a unique one, with more visual interest than typical contemporary kitchens. 


Natural light is a must for the contemporary style. If the structure of the house involves many windows, you should take advantage of that and focus on letting natural light come into the room. This is a characteristic that was initially used for mid-century modern houses, but it was later adopted by other styles as well. In case the structure of the house does not allow natural light to go in, you should exhaust other options such as ambient light, accent light for countertops, task lights for the kitchen island and so on. It’s paramount to include as many lighting elements as possible into your kitchen design, but without making them too visible.