Finding the perfect rental when studying abroad should not be as difficult as you used to think. Many agencies are specialized in finding perfect apartments for you and your colleagues or friends, which makes the time spent away from home more bearable and pleasant. A fun time enables you to study more effectively, without any distractions, and so does the perfect location. Student accommodation Newcastle agencies are perfect tools for managing this aspect of moving away from home, because they provide decent locations, fully furnished and with all the appliances needed. However, for a more personal experience when renting, we advise you make some rental friendly changes, at least in terms of kitchen design.

1. Hardware makes a great difference

Kitchen design can be significantly changed with some minor changes. Take hardware, for example. The perfect way of giving a fresh air to a tired and boring room! Usually, kitchen hardware is made from poor quality materials, such as plastic. Change them with metallic ones in a shade you prefer more. For a classier appearance, go for golden hardware. For a clean and simple aspect, you should try silver, because it seems to brighten a lot any room. However, you will end up giving such a great look to your kitchen, the owner will insist letting it as it is when leaving the place.

2. Glam up those appliances

Boring, old refrigerator? White was hype a few years back, but now that stainless steel looks, beats everything in terms of design. Of course, as a student you don’t consider spending great amounts of money only for the purpose of making kitchen improvements. However, an affordable alternative is purchasing stainless steel contact paper, applying it to a number of appliances at your choice. This will surely make such a great difference. Easy to apply and maintain, you will be able at the end of your renting period to easily get rid of it, without any trace.

3. Bring that kitchen to life

Although they might look great, kitchens sometimes seem to miss something. Greenery! Yes, this is the go-to choice if you want to make them look more lively and more appealing. Some interior plants are low maintenance; even a five year old can care for them! Give those a try and see how they can change a room!