When designing a kitchen, there are many appliances that you need to fit in it, appliances that are mandatory for all modern households, and one of the most important is the microwave oven. If you are considering buying a microwave oven and you want to know if an over the range model is the right choice for you, then read the following lines to find out all the pros and cons of over the range microwave ovens.


The main reason why many people prefer over the range microwave ovens over other types of microwave ovens is that they are true space savers. Due to the fact that you install the over the range microwave oven between the wall mounted cabinets, you save a lot of space on your counter, not being forced to tuck everything on it. After all, the kitchen is usually filled with appliances, therefore saving space becomes mandatory, especially for those who have small kitchens and don’t have a lot of space to work with from the start.

Another important pro of over the range microwave ovens is that they have incorporated fans with which they evacuate odors, smoke, and steam. Due to these fans, the best position for over the range microwaves is above the stove or the oven, for them to eliminate the need for a range hood through their double functionality. In order to compare both the baking and the ventilating performance of various over the range microwave ovens, check out the microwave oven reviews and ratings from the bestmicrowave.reviews site.

An aspect that many parents will find useful with the over the range microwave is the fact that children don’t have access to using this appliance due to its position. Being placed high above the counter, you won’t have to worry about the small ones ever reaching and using it when you’re not around, therefore they are a very safe choice to go with if you have children.


The con that makes these household appliances unappealing for most people is the fact that their wall mounted cabinets are placed at an uncomfortable height, and keeping in mind that the over the range microwave will be installed at the same height as these cabinets, it can be bothersome for short people to use them.

Another major disadvantage of using an over the range microwave is that it can be hard to keep an eye on the food that you are preparing if you placed it in a tall pot, and you have to be very careful when getting the pot out as well to not spill the hot food on yourself.