So you received a bear-shaped bottle full of honey, and you do not know how to use it. The majority of people think that honey can be used only to sweeten your tea and juice, but actually you will find many uses if you bring it in the kitchen. Honey is an amazing substitute for sugar when it comes to hot and cold drinks. Moreover, you will find online great information when it comes to honey nutrition. But what very few people know is that you can bake honey. You can adjust every recipe you make and use honey instead of sugar, but you should know that in the majority of cases, honey makes your food brown more quickly. Therefore, if you want to use honey and your foods to look the same as when you use sugar, you should reduce the oven temperature and use less honey than the quantity of sugar required. A half of cup of honey is equal with a cup of sugar.

What functions has honey when you cook?

You might ask yourself what functions has this ingredient when you prepare different dishes. Well, there are many reasons why people use it, and they buy raw honey on line.

  • One of them is that it enhances the crisp and browning. It is an amazing ingredient to be used for glazing food, because it promotes surface browning.
  • Also, many chefs use honey because it is a flavour enhancer. You might not know, but there are many flavours of honey, and if you want to cook something special, you should check the options available.
  • Honey also offers feel and texture to your pastries and cakes, so you should replace sugar with this ingredient.
  • If you like to make cakes, you should opt for honey because it retains moisture.
  • If you have issues in obtaining a golden colour for your dressings, sauces, jellies and other desserts, you should add honey.

Tips to cook with honey

If you decided to include honey on your ingredients list, and you purchased a large quantity from the Local Honey Man you should check some recommendations on how to use it.

  • The general rule when you replace sugar with honey is to use less honey, because in the majority of cases it is two times as sweet as sugar.
  • Also, you should reduce the amount of water or milk you use for the recipe in case you make cakes, because honey attracts water.
  • You will have to beat the ingredients more vigorous, than when you use sugar for your dishes.
  • In addition, you should know that honey comes in a large floral variety, and this means that you will have to make sure that the flavour you use is compatible with the other ones from your foods.
  • Honey is extremely versatile when you cook, but it is important to understand its proprieties. Also, it is important to know how to measure the honey, because you should use accurate quantities in order to obtain the foods you want.