An outdoor kitchen is ideal to have especially during summer, when the rays of sunshine and the perfumed smell of the flowers invite you to stay outside. If you want to make an outdoor kitchen for yourself, you should read the following lines to find out what are the outdoor kitchen essentials, making sure that you won’t skip on anything important when you make it.

Outdoor refrigerator

You can’t have a kitchen without a refrigerator, therefore you must buy one for your outdoor kitchen as well. This way you will avoid taking annoying trip into the house every time you need something from the refrigerator, and you will gain more space to store other foods and products in your kitchen refrigerator as well.

A great outdoor refrigerator that you can buy for your outdoor kitchen is the DCS RF24RE3, and you can own it for the price of $2650. It has a generous capacity of 6.1 cubic feet for storing the necessary foods and drinks, interior light for you to see better when night comes, the digital electronic controls are located at the top of the unit for convenient access, it sounds off an alarm if you leave the door open to make sure you won’t leave it like that and the products in it won’t spoil, and it comes with a 5 year warranty for the sealed refrigeration system, and a 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

Gas grill

The main reason why people have outdoor kitchens is to make barbecues, and you can’t prepare a proper barbecue without one of the best gas grills 2016 units.

One of the best gas grills on the market that you can buy to place in your outdoor kitchen is the Weber Spirit #SP-320, and you can own it for the price of $700. The reason why this is one of the best gas grills 2016 units is the fact that it heats food evenly. Moreover, it uses an easy to install and to remove gas tank, the grease drainage system, controls, and ignition system are easy to use as well, it excels at cooking chicken and steak, and it comes with a condiment shelf, under grill storage space, gas gauge, tool hooks, a thermometer, and a warming rack.

Counter space

The most popular materials for counters used in outdoor kitchens are natural stone, ceramic tile, and concrete, being materials that are resistant to the changes of the weather.
When it comes to counter space, you must ensure at least 12 inches of landing space and food preparation on either side of the cooking surface for you to feel comfortable while operating in the outdoor kitchen.


It’s ironic that many forget about the sink and install it later, more precisely the first time they use the outdoor kitchen and notice that they have to enter the house to wash the vegetables for the salad.
You need an outdoor sink not only to wash certain foods before you prepare them, but you need it to wash the dishes after you are finished cooking and eating as well.