When it comes to windows, your first question may be whether to use curtains or another type of window dressing. With the right styling, you can change the aesthetic of your home, so if you haven’t decided what window dressing you should choose yet, then here are some ideas that will help you revitalize your window interiors.

Go with contrasting textures

This year’s trend promotes contrasting textures for windows. If you use different fabrics to dress each window you will surely create a fashionable atmosphere and add a focal point to the room. For example, you can opt for window blinds that feature heavy yarn or Roman inspired blinds. Thicker materials look expensive and this is exactly the effect you want to get for your house. Also, they create a cozy vibe inside and insulate the space.

Extra tip: You should keep the colour palette to neutral shades, because they will keep the focus on the contrasting textures.

Block colours for window shutters

If you feel the need to inject a pop of colour into your house, then you can do so by choosing kitchen shutters in a bold colour. Bright shades have a playful vibe and this year’s trends promote vibrant colours for this kind of window dressing. For example you can combine retro furniture with shades of orange, green and peach.

Say yes to botanical motifs

If you are looking for a way to reinvigorate your house, then you should look for window covers that feature floral motifs. You can make a room look more inviting if you opt for a spring colour palette, so in the living room you should install curtains in fresh teal and cerise pink. You can expand this colour scheme to other rooms also, by opting for bespoke bathroom shutters in a shade as deep cherry or ebony.

Inspiration from the nature – go green

Botanical elements have been a source of inspiration for interior design since the oldest times. Homeowners strive to bring the harmony and balance from nature inside their homes. If you want to achieve a calming interior scheme, then green window covers are the right ones to promote a zen-like vibe. Green has always been associated with fertility and growth, not mention Pantone named Greenery the colour of the year.

Shutters for an intimate bedroom

The bedroom is the room of the house people seek relaxation and you can create a cozy atmosphere if you add shutters to the windows. Go for solid shutters if you want to block the sunlight. Match the shutters with the accessories you have inside the room to achieve a sophisticated private space.

These window dressing tips could help you create that look you have always wanted in your home.