People spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, but not everyone is on the opinion that this space requires more attention than it is already given. However, since they spend even hours in this room, it is recommended to decorate it properly and to make it seem more welcoming, because this way, preparing dinner or making a cake will seem effortlessly. You can start some DIY projects and design some interesting things that not only will make your kitchen more welcoming, but they will also make your life in the kitchen easier. Do some research on websites such as if you are looking for craft supplies.

Paint your wooden tools

The first thing you can do to create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen is to paint your wooden spoon handles. You can even ask for your child’s help in this case, thus strengthening the relationship between you two. You can paint them in different shades, thus creating an ombre set.

DIY Oven mitt

Another project you should consider is creating your own oven mitt. Besides the fact that you save some money, you can design it the way you want. Look for some old clothes in your wardrobe that you could use in this project. Cut them into the desired shape and sew them together. You will not want to take it off anymore after finishing it.

Turn containers into fridge magnets

You have to agree to the fact that whenever you need some pens for instance, you never find one. Most of the times, you believe that they are on the fridge, but you find out this is not true the moment you actually need one. In order to make this easier, you can take some old, small containers, attach them some small magnets to them and place them on the door of the fridge. This way, you will always find a pen when you need one.

Repurpose your old jars

If you have a collection of jars that you no longer use, you should not think about throwing them away or giving all of them to your mother. You can reuse them by applying a coat of paint over them, white for instance, and another coat of paint on the jar lid, a more vivid colour for example. You can cut a piece of paper, paint it in black and glue it onto the jar. You can write on it what the jar contains. This is also a good method to organize the kitchen.

Repaint your chairs

In order to make the kitchen have a more playful and welcoming aspect, you can think of various ways to repaint your chairs. This is another project where your children’s help might be needed. Take the chairs outside in the garden and ask your children to think of patterns to redesign those chairs. They will definitely find the idea entertaining and rewarding, thinking that the chairs that they have redesigned are placed in their very kitchen.

Overall, these are only a few useful and low-cost kitchen craft ideas you might want to consider.