Italians are primarily known for their elegance and this feel is transposed in their homes that are rustic yet full of charm. Italian kitchens, whether they have a classic or an architectural style are simply wonderful to look at. The interior is even more vibrant and natural and the decorations are carefully chosen as to make the space look more comfortable. In this next article we will show some smart ways to create a beautiful Italian design in your kitchen.

Stylish Italian kitchen

Italian interior design is stylish and full of romance, as one can easily see from these pictures. The rustic Italian kitchens are colorful thanks to specific decorations and the solid wood beams on the ceiling, that match the natural stone or brick. When it comes to creating an Italian themed kitchen, it’s advisable to opt for natural materials, such as wood and stone and avoid using glass or plastic for furniture and decoration pieces.

Rustic kitchen

Some large Italian-themed kitchens are equipped with fireplaces that are made of stone. These beautiful fireplaces fit perfectly in the authentic Italian decor. As you can see from this picture, the fireplace is the focal point of the entire kitchen. Although white is the predominant color the space feels comfortable and has a rustic feel to it, due to the wood ceiling beams and the rustic kitchen table. The black and white tiled floor adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen while the large ceiling lamp adds a simple modern touch to the decor.

Countryside kitchen

It’s almost a habit to keep cooking pots hanging from the ceiling because it is another characteristic feature of the traditional Italian style. It is true that for many people this can leave the room feeling cluttered and crowded, but it is precisely the charm of a rustic Italian kitchen. This design is perfect for a large countryside summer house because you can look at the view and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets from your kitchen.

Colorful kitchen

A lot of homeowners prefer Italian themed kitchen designs in neutral or dark colors but others choose to opt for vibrant colors, such as coral or turquoise. As you can notice in the image above, the homeowner has decided to opt for some colorful furniture in shade of yellow, red and blue. It’s a beautiful combination that can never go wrong and it also a perfect choice for an Italian kitchen. If you can’t find colorful furniture pieces like the ones from the image above, you can consider refurbushing the existing furniture and choose a color palette that you think might complement the kitchen decor.