One of the most beloved and used appliances in modern households is the dishwasher, and keeping in mind that it’s a large investment as well, you have to do your best to keep it operating perfectly for as long as you can.
One of the biggest enemies of dishwashers is hard water, damaging the unit due to its roughness. Therefore, you should read the following lines to find out how you can protect your beloved dishwasher from hard water to keep it in a perfect shape for a long time.

How hard water affects the dishwasher

The mineral salts that reside in hard water will inevitably build up on every surface of the appliance, and given the amount of metal that goes into making a dishwasher, these minerals and salts will certainly lead to rust and failure of expensive and important parts like the pumps and the heating elements.
Another effect of hard water on your dishwasher is that it brings down the performance of this appliance, leaving the dishes that you wash with the unit with a cloudy residue on them that makes them look dirty.

Effective methods to protect the dishwasher from hard water

A great investment that you can make to ensure the protection of your dishwasher from hard water and your family’s health as well is to buy a whole house water filter with water softener technology.
We recommend that you use the Aquios Full House Water Softener and Filter System that costs $600, because this household appliance eliminates hard water deposits, softening effectively the water that goes trough the tap and into your dishwasher, and purifying the water to make it safer to drink as well.
It comes with an outstanding 20 year warranty that proves it’s a durable unit, it comes with a 40000 gallon cartridge, it has a compact design, it’s an efficient all-in-one system that eliminates all the threats that reside in your water without producing pressure loss, and it requires no programming, electricity, or maintenance.
Another great solution for dealing with the hard water problem that is affecting and tearing your dishwasher down is to start using only dishwasher detergents with water softeners, ensuring that the unit will not suffer damages anymore.
You can easily find these amazing and efficient dishwasher detergents in any market, and you should run to the closest market to you to buy one immediately if you truly care about your dishwasher and if you want to keep it running perfectly for a long time.