The water that goes through the tap in your kitchen is most definitely infested with different harmful contaminants, and the best solution to dealing with this problem and having clean water is to use a water filtration system.
If you want clean water to drink and to cook with and you bought an under sink water filter to use for your kitchen sink, but you don’t know how to install it, read the following lines to find out everything there is to know about this process to make sure that you’ll do a good job.

Remove the tubing

The first step in the process of installing an under sink water filter is to turn off the water by turning the valve placed under the sink.
After you have turned off the water, you can safely disconnect the water line from the valve by loosening the nut with a basin wrench, and gently removing the tubing.

Choose and mark the location of the unit

After removing the tubing, you can proceed to choosing the perfect location for your new water filter.
Position the unit on the wall that is closest to the cold water line, mark the chosen location with a pen or a pencil through the holes in the mounting brackets, and drive a couple of screws halfway inside to not place the unit in a wrong spot once you’re done.
Keep in mind to leave enough space below the filter for you to be able to easily change the cartridges when it will be needed.

Plumbing connections

Once you’re done with choosing the perfect location for the water filter you can start making the plumbing connections.
When you connect the water filter you should thread the brass fittings into each side of the filter cap, tighten them with an adjustable wrench, and thread one of the plastic tubing parts or flex lines onto the fitting that is market with “in”, and the other to the fitting marked with “out”.

Hang the filter and make the final connections

Last but not least, after finishing with the steps that we discussed about previously you must hang the assembled water filter unit on the wall, precisely in the position that you chose for it, and tighten the screws well for it to not be in danger of falling from there.
Afterwards, you simply connect the plastic tubing or flex line that you threaded onto the fitting that was marked with “in” to the valve that shouts off the water supply found under the sink, and you can finally start enjoying quality water that is contaminant free.