Having your kid not being able to decide what to do after graduating high school will place both you and them in a difficult position. As a parent, your main role here will be guidance. You will have to offer your child a bunch of opportunities to choose from if he has absolutely no starting point for his future. Selecting these variants will be a hard task because they will require background information about pricing and so on. It is not only the universities you will be looking for, but accommodation too.

Services like FindSpace Newcastle can help you choose what the best accommodation options are in this area. You will definitely need to ask for opinions and make sure the places and universities you are choosing are appropriate for your child. For this, you will have to know them by heart, as any parent would do. Talk with your child about preferences and objects they would like to study in the future, what job they think they would like and so on. After you’ve gather everything you need, take this into account:  



The first thing that is going to pop both in your kid’s mind and yours is how safe leaving for university is. Well, it is surely scary to go from your cosy home which you got used to over the years to living with other people in a 3 bedroom student accommodation Newcastle. Even if it might make you rethink your options, you will be amazed to hear that living with roommates is a great opportunity to know what responsibilities are, to understand how to deal with taxes, with money and of course, with sharing. Safety is not something to worry about given the fact that at university it’s time to learn how to properly take care of yourself. Explain that to your child and he will understand what the implications of this are.


Budget is also an issue, taking into consideration that you as a parent will be the provider of all the finances of your child. Money will be limited and your kid should know how to deal with this situation. If at home money could be permanently provided if needed, at university your kid will have to understand that he will need to remain under the budget to avoid further complications. This is a matter that needs to be discussed before choosing a university or anything else. Without an established budget, as a student you won’t progress and won’t learn much about life in general.  


Comfort your loved one by discussing how often will you visit or they will come home. Holidays should be programmed early enough knowing for sure that there will be some spare time to be filled. If the university your kid is going to choose is nearby, weekends are a visiting option too. There is no room for fear of not seeing family often enough.