Living in an apartment and not having a garden doesn’t mean that you can’t ever grow plants to serve on your plate and to cook your meals with.
If you want to find out how you can create your own mini herb garden in your kitchen to enjoy freshly picked herbs, read the following lines.

Use leg grow lights

Instead of placing your herbs near the windows to get light, which they won’t get enough of for the process of photosynthesis anyway, especially during winter, you should buy led grow lights to provide them with the necessary amount of light for the number of hours that the herbs need daily.
If you plan on having a mini garden, the best choice to go with when it comes to led grow lights is the Hydro Grow Extreme 84XPRO that costs $800 for the 600W version, and $1800 for the 1000W version.
It helps produce very dense vegetation, it contains 84 3W led lights, and it provides the plants with fast growth from the seed stage to the harvesting stage.

Buy containers that have good drainage

Drainage is essential when growing any type of plant in a container, because without a good drainage system the plant will inevitably die due to the excess of water in the soil. Therefore, buy containers that have good drainage systems and place them on saucers to ensure the best conditions for your herbs to grow in.

Water and fertilize accordingly

People usually think that the reason their plants die is because of the lack of fertilization and water, but the truth is that most people kill their plants because they are overzealous and they give the plants excessive attention.
It’s better to document yourself thoroughly on the type of herbs that you are raising in your mini-garden and only water and fertilize them accordingly to what is prescribed for them, this being the only method to make sure that you aren’t actually damaging them.

Harvest at the right time

When growing an herb garden, you need to make a lot of reasearch regarding every type of herb that you have planted to make sure that it is receiving the right treatment.
Harvesting should occur only when the herb has fully matured, and you must remember to never harvest more than one third of the herb at a given time to not affect its growth. Also, remember to pluck the flowers as they appear to ensure that the herbs will have a vibrant flavor.