Being in the 70s may be quite scary for some people, but it is for sure that this period also comes with a series of great advantages. You have more free time to do what you want, to dedicate more to your hobbies, regardless what they may be, to spend more time with your grandchildren or to start a blog, as it is the case of It is important to know that women in their 70s may have different tastes and needs when it comes to receiving gifts. Read the rest of the article to see if you find yourself in these examples of gifts.

Personalized apron

Whenever thinking of grannies, most people imagine finding them in the kitchen preparing their grandchildren’s favourite meal or desert. It is commonly known that older women spend more time in the kitchen, especially when they know their loved ones are about to visit them. This is the reason why one of the best gifts to offer a woman over 70 is an apron. However, a plain, simple one may be too “out-of-fashion”, so a better idea is to opt for a personalized one. It can have a family photo printed on it or a funny message for instance that will make the receiver laugh. It is for sure that any grandmother would like to receive this kind of gift from her loved ones.

Nail treatment sessions

Another very good gift idea for women turning 70 is to book them an appointment at a beauty salon for a special nail treatment session. At this age, most women are not into make-up anymore, but they will always cherish a good nail treatment session at a beauty salon that offers professional services specifically designed for elders. Offering them a manicure set as a gift can also substitute the beauty salon appointment though.

Surprise party at her club

Many women in their 70s are members of clubs where they meet with other people of the same age, exchange life experiences and stories, discuss about their families and have quality time together. It is certain that any woman in this situation will highly appreciate a surprise tea party organized at the club she is a member, with everyone she loves invited. In case she is not part of any social club of this kind, dinner with the family or even picnic at the park for instance can also be great ideas for surprise parties. The fact that she spends time with her loved ones is what matters the most after all.

Teaching her more about technology

Although this may not be a physical gift or something that can be taught in only one day, it is definitely something that will make any 70 year-old woman happy, since it is the best way she can feel closer to her loved ones. Teaching her how to use a computer or a smartphone, how to connect to Skype, Facebook or any other app that allows her to keep in touch with her grandchildren is probably the best gift any woman at her age would want to receive.