The place where you live is like your small Universe. No matter how bad or good you feel, at the end of each day, you go home and take a seat in your favourite armchair or bed. But, according to interior designers, from time to time, you have to redecorate the place, in order to transform it into a better one. Here are some pieces of advice from the real experts.

The benefits of redecorating from time to time

  • Positive energy. Moving things from one part to another gives you the chance to be creative. However, this will bring you positive energy and will make you feel like trying new things. Let’s take for example canvas art. Have you ever been interested in covering your wall with such pieces of art? If the answer is no, you should give a try to this amazing way of reinvigorating your house and making it feel like home.
  • Fresh new start. After a bad period in your life such as a breakup or a divorce, you need something that helps you move on. However, instead of cutting or painting your hair, you may start with decoration. Get rid of all the things that bring you back bad memories and enjoy the emotions of a fresh new start.
  • Value. Despite the spiritual advantages of redecorating a house, there are also some other advantages such as increasing the value of your house. However, if you plan to sell it soon, this thing will help you a lot. But, be careful. When your place becomes friendly and cosy, it would be difficult to leave it because you would get emotionally attached to it.

Small things to invest in – designers’ recommendations:

Wall stickers and wallpapers – May people have the tendency to ignore the walls. They only choose a nice colour and paint them. But this is not enough. In order to decorate a stylish house, you need wall stickers or art canvas. Try to take a look at the hand-painted models which look both elegant and original. If you are creative, you can make them on your own.

Low furniture – Regardless the style you prefer, designers say that low furniture can help you a lot because it creates the impression of taller and larger rooms. Thus, instead of investing in big wardrobes, you should try to save as much space as possible. Maybe, you may choose a part of your home and use it for creating a dressing room.

Bold colours – Forget about pale colours. You need something out of the ordinary. Say “yes” to vivid colours which can create a harmoniously contrast with the cold days. Also, add a blanket and a fireplace and make your living room seem like a small and cosy chalet. Also, you can add some bookshelves and keep there all your favourite novels.

A small garden inside – If you have a balcony or a terrace, you are lucky enough as create a small garden where you can invite your friends and spend the days. Add some flowers such as orchids and bamboo and make the place seem somehow exotic.