Whether you are a professional cook or just learning to cook, a food process can be of great help in the kitchen because it is capable of doing all sorts of things such as chopping, shredding or slicing the food. You can spend $50 or $1,000 for a food processor buy paying that amount of money won’t guarantee a top performance. In order to choose the best food processor for your needs, make sure that it has these following features.

High capacity

Regarding the capacity, you should note that it can range from 7 to 16 cups of dry ingredients so when it comes to choosing a suitable food processor you need to ensure that it can hold a perfect amount of food while delivering optimal results. The 16 cup units are generally more expensive but they can be incredibly useful for a seasonal chef or someone who cooks large portions of food on a daily basis. Smaller models that can hold about 8 cups can take care of most daily tasks and are a great choice for an average size household.

The body

As with most appliance, it’s advisable to choose a machine that has a big body because these models are generally considered to be the most solid and powerful. It’s essential to choose a food processor that has a wide and heavy base because the torque of the motor can cause the units to twist and crawl around on the counter.


The majority of food processor models that you see on the market include a limited number of functions, such as pulse, on and off buttons. It’s preferable to opt for a food processor that comes with touch pads and smooth inset buttons because they are easier to clean as they collect food particles.


You will want to opt for a food processor that is powerful enough to chop heavy foods and yet have enough torque to spin fast so that the delicate foods are properly grinded. As a general rule, food processor must operate without overheating even when they are turned on for sustained periods of time.

A good secure lid

Most people have a tendency to overlook this aspect but this one of the most important feature of a good quality food processor. The lid of the processor should fit securely for safety reasons. Moreover, the size of the lid’s feeding tube is another important aspect because the tube will determine the maximum amount of food that can be put in the food processor. Lids that include small feeding tubes will require you to precut the food by hand before adding it to the processor.

Interchangeable blades

Food processor generally come with a variety of blades that can cut even the toughest ingredients. The classic blade that you will find at all food processors is suitable for mincing and chopping a variety of ingredients. You can also find more versatile blades at pricier models, including:

  • Slicing disc : slices veggies and fruits
  • Shredding dish: shreds the fruits and vegetables
  • Julienne disc: cuts vegetables and fruits into long and thin cuts
  • Purifier or juicer blades: allows you to make juice or smoothies
  • Sabatier blade: the classic “S” shaped blade for cutting a variety of ingredients
  • Dough blade: mixes dough
  • French fry disc: creates fries