There’s nothing worse than having to prepare a meal and cut the ingredients using a dull knife. Not only it’s a lot harder to cut the ingredients with even slices, but it’s also very dangerous, especially for someone who has not a lot of experience in the kitchen. In order to get optimal results every time you use your knife, make sure to sharpen it regularly. You can either use whetstones or electric knife sharpeners. If you want to know the difference between these two sharpening methods, continue reading on.


While sharpening stones are the main option of most people, chefs or cooking enthusiasts prefer using an electric knife sharpener. Using an electric knife sharpener can help you save time when preparing a meal. This way, you can sharpen your knife on a day to day basis and start using it right away. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two.

Ease of use

The top reason why professional chefs prefer using electric knife sharpening systems is that sharpening the knives can be a job in itself. In order to get the best results in the kitchen, chefs prefers sharpening their knives after every use. With a sharpening stone, there’s also a risk of injuring yourself, even when you are an expert at using this kind of method. Using an electric knife sharpener is extremely easy and almost anyone can do it.


While electric knife sharpener are more convenient and easy to use than sharpening stones, these devices can be quite expensive, especially if you are planning to get a knife sharpener that use a multi-stage process or high quality stones. Whetstones are not pricey at all, so anyone can afford having one or two in their kitchen, to use when needed. However, what’s important to mention here is the fact that an electric knife sharpener can be used for many years, while a sharpening stone might need to be replaced every once in a while.

Blade quality

If you have an expensive knife set, you might want to consider using whetstones to sharpen the knives. Electric knife sharpeners can remove a small amount of material from the edge of the blades, so if you prefer polishing the blade of your knives on a day to day basis, you might end up removing a tremendous amount of material, more than half-centimeter. There are some electric knife sharpener models that use only high quality stones to ensure that the blade won’t get damaged. To see which are the best quality electric sharpeners study the reviews. On that website you will also find a comparison that will help you compare the pros and cons of different electric sharpeners and manual sharpening systems.