Young people have the hardest time when they have to save money, but if you have decided to leave your parents’ home, then chances are you to have rented a cheap condo that requires upgrades. Most of the cases students do not like the way their kitchen looks because it does not have the latest gadgets they would use to ease their life. If you find yourself in this situation, then you should not stress yourself out, you will upgrade the kitchen but you have to be patient to save the needed money. You may want a microwave, a coffeemaker and some new dishware to improve its functionality and make it more liveable. The thing with rented places is that the ones that come at affordable prices do not have all the amenities a student needs to make their life comfortable. Everyone knows that it is not easy to manage your budget while at university, but there are some tricks that can help you save money to upgrade the kitchen.

Track your finances

It is not an exciting thing to do, but if you will make sure, you do not overspend for a couple of months you will manage to do more than upgrading your kitchen. The first step is to create a spreadsheet where to write down the income and the expenses. Write down how much you pay for your mobile phone contract, for your rent and for your outgoings. If you will know exactly the sum, you spend and what expenses are the highest, you will be able to cut some of them.

Sell your classes

If you are the type of student who takes notes during the classes and you are known for getting good grades then there are no reasons to keep the notes in your personal archive. You can use them to earn money and to cover your extra expenses. It does not matter the subject of the notes, it can discuss the World War I or it can be a mcb 244, a student definitely needs them and they are willing to pay for it.

Save money on transport

You do not need your personal car to get to classes, most of the universities and colleges offer their students high-quality public transport solutions. If you choose to get to classes with the public transport, and you leave your car at home, you can save the gas money and upgrade your kitchen sooner than you have planned.

Buy books second-hand

If other students can buy your course notes, you can also buy other students books and notes. Course textbooks are quite expensive and it is no point to buy them only because they look better. If an older version is still available, you should choose it because it can help you save even half of the sum. You can check the website where you upload your notes to see if it offers classes, you can make use of.

 If the books are sold in a local shop, you can try to get a part-time job there, and you will benefit of staff discount. You will save money from the discounts and you will make extra cash from your paycheck.