Mold is very dangerous, and unfortunately, it is found in many houses, due to the fact that humidity level is not kept under control. Do you have mold in your kitchen? If you find yourself in this unpleasant situation, then here is how you can get rid of it.

Purchase a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is without a doubt one of the best ways to get rid of mold in the kitchen. If you don’t yet have one, then you should seriously consider getting a quality unit. A good dehumidifier will be able to keep the humidity level under control, and therefore, the mold will not develop anymore. Furthermore, the indoor air will be easier to breathe, healthier, and fresher. Musty odors that are usually in most kitchens will be eliminated and the air will have a pleasant smell. This is a fantastic thing as we all know how the air is in a kitchen. A portable dehumidifier is a great choice, as you can actually move with ease the unit to another room as well.

Vinegar will certainly do miracles

Vinegar is fantastic when it comes to removing mold. Many people don’t know abut this wonderful solution which gives incredible results. What you need in order to remove mold in the kitchen, is to spray a bit of vinegar on the affected area, and leave it to do its job for an hour. Finally, just wipe the surface with clean water and obviously allow the surface to dry. This magic elixir does without a doubt miracles. You will see how mold starts to fade away in a short time, due to the fact that vinegar is a mild acid that can kill up to 80% of all mold species. Furthermore, you won’t need to spend lots of money on other products that will probably be less effective.

Apply baking soda mixed with water on the affected surfaces

This is another amazing solution to your issue. Therefore, mix some water with baking soda, and wait until it has dissolved. Spray it onto the surface, and then use a scrub brush in order to remove all the mold. Once you have done this, rinse with water and spray again the surface with baking soda. Do not use water again, just leave it do try. By doing so, you will kill any left over mold, and you will also prevent the reappearance of it. With a fantastic solution like this, mold in your kitchen will not be a problem anymore.