When collecting and putting aside belongings, the vast majority of people contemplate the idea of self-storage units which provide 24/7 access. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the fact that there are other storehouse options that can provide you with safe and secure space for loads of all sizes. Containerised Storage London units in particular offer many advantages for storing valued household goods like kitchen appliances or furniture. They are ideal for long-term situations, as all the goods are loaded into containers either at your place of residence or at store. There are many reasons why you should store your furniture and kitchen items.

High degree of security

There is a high level of security associated with using containerised storage. This basically means that you have assurance that your electronics are safe and secure. Containerised storage facilities are generally monitored using a remote monitored CCTV system, reason why you should have full confidence that your items are constantly protected. Your goods remain untouched in the sealed container until you get them back, when the containers are fork-lifted on to the vehicle for delivery. This kind of system involved minimum handling, whilst ensuring that your possessions are safely stored.

Create additional space either at home

Containerised storage solutions allow you to create additional space at home or at your workplace. It is quite simple: a removal vehicle especially built for carrying steel containers will arrive at your house. The storage container will be delivered to you free of charge, in other words the price the company quotes is the price that you will pay. Next, an inventory will be made of the items that will be stored as they are loaded into the boxes. Owing to the shape and size of the containers, they can be easily transported to your chosen location, so you do not have to worry that your precious belongings will be crammed into your car.

A far more efficient process

In comparison to self-storage, containerised deposit is much more efficient. To be more precise, all you have to do is rent the box and professional packers will put your belongings into the depository unit in an organised and careful manner. So, you will not have to worry about packing the large items in your kitchen and preparing the boxes. Removal companies understand the importance of making sure that your effects are organised and fast to locate, which is the exact reason why an inventory is realised before they are sealed.

Size and quality of the containers

Storage containers generally have a cubic capacity of 35 square feet, which makes them suitable for almost any application. This is why you need to make sure that you have a flat piece of ground 3 meters by 2 meters for the box to sit on. What is more, storehouse containers are manufactured from steel, which means that they are a safe and practical option for storing either furniture or pieces of artwork. You also have additional piece of mind since you have full value coverage, that is if you get insurance.