A very easy and pleasant way to bring the sea closer to your home even if you don’t live near the coast is to remodel your kitchen in a coastal design – it’s chic, it’s spectacular, it uses a pleasant combination of colors, and all your guests will applaud you for your creativity.
By choosing the coastal design for your kitchen you will be able to enjoy a soothing view every time you cook or eat, and all due to applying the tricks shown in the following lines.

Aqua colored appliances

Probably the most spectacular design change that you can turn to is to either buy new appliances that look vintage and that are colored in aqua or turquoise, or paint the ones you have in these coastal colors.
If you don’t already have the kitchen painted in a crisp white color, you should paint it this way to make it a true coastal heaven that will remind you of the beach every time you enter it.

Bicolor stools

Use a combination of white and navy for the stools in your kitchen, and it will give off the ultimate coastal vibe.
No matter if you go with stripes or floral models, or if you just paint the upper or lower third of the stools in navy blue, it’s an efficient design change to boost the look of your coastal kitchen and a design trick that will make the whole place look truly spectacular.

Yach-inspired floors

Another design trick that you can use to boost the coastal appearance of your kitchen is to go with holly and teak flooring to resemble the deck of a ship.
There is nothing that reminds of the sea and summer more than the combination between your holly and teak flooring, white painted walls, and aqua colored appliances, and you are guaranteed that your new kitchen design will make everyone admire your creativity once they enter the once boring and typical kitchen.

Navy island

Everyone has an island in their kitchen, a small space where you eat or where you prepare the food, and this space is ideal to change in order to obtain a coastal design for the room due to its centered position.
Being a small area, you won’t have to worry about the money and time that you will spend on painting it in navy blue or aqua, and the impact of this small change will be huge, especially if the kitchen is white.