Moving to your first apartment or your new house is very exciting, but, at the same time, it can be overwhelming too. When it comes to kitchen appliances, things can get a little rough because there are some essentials that your home will need and the houseware options from which you can choose are endless. Nevertheless, before starting to throw your money around, think if you really need to buy all those modern appliances.

Nowadays, you can find the weirdest and most unnecessary household goods such as a chocolate fondue fountain, an automatic milk frother, a heating knife, a cherry pitter, an instant french fry slicer, a taco toaster, a butter cutter, a strawberry slicer or a strawberry stem remover – you really can find everything you can imagine. Of course, these inventions may appear to be some great and time-saving ideas, but is it really worth to buy a corn peeler, an oreo dipr or a battery-powered twirling fork? Not to mention the fact that there are carrot peelers that look just like a sharpener. Yes, you can find a lot of crazy gadgets, but you are not liable to spend all your money on buying kitchen appliances which are nothing but useless. Anyway, spend your money wisely and choose only the things you are sure you will be using even after 1 year of purchase.

A roomy refrigerator

If you are married and you also have children, then consider talking to your other half about the possibility of buying a refrigerator that is big enough to store all the food you buy weekly. You know how valuable space is, so make sure you buy a spacious yet affordable refrigerator. Anyway, if you live on your own, then a small, compact fridge is the best option for you.

A good washing machine

You surely know home appliances are worth splurging on, so when it comes to buying a washing machine, choose a good one. Even if it is more expensive than other washing machines, if the brand is famous for great home appliances, then go for it. But first, make sure to choose a high-quality washing machine, because such appliance is something which you will have in your home for a long time. Anyway, some of its components may break down after some time, but you can easily replace them. For instance, if your washing machine has plastic washers, change them with steel ones. Moreover, you can find steel washers plated in a variety of materials, so you can choose whatever you think is good for your washing machine.

A stove from a famous brand

Besides buying a roomy refrigerator and a good washing machine, you should also look for a high-quality stove. Be it an electric heating stove, a gas heating stove, a wood burning stove or a pellet stove, make sure you choose something that goes well with your lifestyle and kitchen decor.

A microwave oven

Last but not least, it is great to have a microwave oven whenever you are too lazy to use your stove. This has become a kitchen essential and it will for sure make you spend less time in the kitchen.