If you own a restaurant, butchery shop, or any other business related to food commercialization, residential supplies are surely essential. Investing in the best apparatus is compulsory if you want to obtain the greatest results but also please your customers with the most amazing platters. We all know that the way food is presented is the most relevant aspect for customers, so this is why owning professional machines will lead to more success in your business.

Concerning this, commercial meat cutters represent the center-piece and the most important tools a chef should have. If you wonder why do they play such a meaningful role, we have the answer.

First and foremost, such a machine will improve and boost the effectiveness in the kitchen, providing you with faster outcomes rather than using traditional knives. The power of a knife cannot be compared with the power of a professional meat cutter, so this is for sure the main consideration to think about. More than this, they will save time, especially if having a particular timetable.

On the other hand, they are extremely practical, easy to work with, and skillful. Even though their fundamental job is to cut meat, they can also be used for other foods. This way, you can cut bread, fruits, vegetables, cheese, and many other more food items. You’ll please your customers with appetizing platters by mixing lots of ingredients.

Briefly, they are a release for chefs and even for those who aren’t pros but want to get introduced into this culinary world. However, things aren’t that simple, as purchasing them should be done carefully considering some elements. There’s a wide range of products, and they can also vary depending on their operation type. So, let’s find out more!

The Two Types of Meat Cutters

  1. Electric Meat Slicers – Electric meat slicers are also known as automatic slicers, and they are the most common appliance that people use. They require electricity in order to operate but they are also extremely fast and effective. This is because you don’t have to do anything, as it will do all the job for you. They are easy to work with, too, as you just have to put the meat, or any other food items and press a single button.

Some of the main benefits you can enjoy when using them are :

            If you have decided to shop for an automatic commercial meat slicer, then you should pay attention to the horsepower, adjustable thickness settings, safety features, and food capacity. Usually, they come with all these traits, and they are also an affordable choice, thus mixing both efficiency and budget requirements. The durable construction is another trait that makes them popular as they are made of heavy-duty stainless steel, being able to provide you with many years of performance.

  1. Manual Meat Slicers – For those who don’t want to depend on electricity, manual meat slicers are the best option to take into consideration. They are professional machines, too, but they might not suit all the tasks. For instance, they operate slower compared to the electric cutters, and they might not support larger cuts of meat, or frozen meat. As you have to use them manually, they also require force and power, so they can bring hand fatigue, as well. Even so, they are extremely durable, so you can reliably count on them for many years, as they have solid construction.

The main advantages they’ll please you with are:

  • speed (faster than cutting with a knife);
  • waste removal;
  • productivity;
  • built-in sharpening system.

Note that manual cutters are suitable for people who don’t require a large amount of food to be cut. They are suitable for smaller amounts of food items, otherwise, they might get clogged. Other essential aspects to consider when shopping one are: the blade size, tray size, safety features, and sturdy construction. Maybe one of the greatest upsides they come with is the ease of cleaning, as the components are easy to detach, and some of them can be dishwasher-friendly, as well.


After all, the final decision is all yours, as it depends on each one’s requirements. For instance, those who own larger businesses such as restaurants and caterings will prefer an automatic machine, as it brings more power, velocity, and doesn’t imply monitoring the process. So, you can freely perform other activities or tasks until the meat gets portioned. Any other way, if you want it for smaller jobs, a manual unit will perfectly do the job. Despite the final choice, a meat cutter is a lifesaver for any kitchen, without disappointing your needs.