Healthy eating has become a trend that is hard to ignore. If 20 years ago, fast food was the go-to lunch option, now almost everyone has a salad or home-made meal packed for lunch break. But despite this newborn passion for eating healthy, people rarely have the time to wake up early in the morning and go to the farmers’ market to get fresh fruits and vegetables. This is why many turn to fruit and vegetable delivery businesses to ensure their daily dose of fresh food.

Starting an online fruit and vegetable delivery business can prove to be a very profitable activity, but it does not come without challenges. To make sure your delivery business has maximum chances of success, keep in mind the tips below.

Find reputable vendors

For a fruit and vegetable business, vendors are extremely important. If you don’t acquire high-quality products, and you don’t do so from reliable vendors, then you are putting your entire business at risk. Try to find local vendors that can deliver products fast and can guarantee their products’ quality.

One great advantage in finding local vendors is that you can really cut down on transport cost allocation, as products come from within your region. The money can then go into advertising your business so that you can secure more customers.


Put together an attractive website or app

Because a big part of your business is going to rely on the online, you need a killer website or app where customers can view your products, place orders and communicate with you. Contact a web development company that specializes in e-commerce websites to make sure you are not missing anything that can increase your sales.

Ideally, your website should include the online store, a short company description, a page where customers can contact you and, of course, an option for them to create an account and keep track of their orders.


Invest in equipment and employees

In order for customers to keep ordering from you, you need to ensure the products always reach them fresh and you have enough inventory to fulfill all orders. Equip your trucks with refrigerators so that products stay fresh, make sure employees are well trained and install navigation so that drivers can reach customers easily.

Make sure you also invest in good Fakturakontroll software, so that you can keep track of invoices much easier and monitor cash flow. This will give you a better perspective on how your business is evolving, and you will appear much more professional to both vendors and clients.


Organize your warehouse

When you get products for your vendors, they need to sit in a warehouse before they reach customers. To prevent products from getting altered, the temperature in the warehouse needs to be closely monitored, and you will need to invest in some refrigerators as well.

Keep in mind that you will be working with products that have a very limited lifespan, so you need to ensure you are not left with wilted vegetables or fruits. A 3pl software will help keep track of everything that comes in and out of your warehouse and ensure your inventory is never too stocked.